Schedule: Day One

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Session I: Background

(Chair: Dan Brock)

9:00 Welcome
  • Dan Brock, Chair, Director, Harvard University Program in Ethics and Health
9:15 Overview: what this conference is about and why it is being held
  • Daniel Wikler, Harvard University
9:45 A history of responsibility for health
  • Allan Brandt, Harvard University
10:30— 10:45 Coffee Break

(Chair: Nir Eyal)

10:45 Behavior-related risk factors and the global burden of disease
  • Majid Ezzati, Harvard University

11:15 — 12:00 Discussion

12:00— 1:00 Lunch

Session II. What role for responsibility for health in a just society?

(Chair: Frances Kamm, Harvard University)

1:00 The significance of choice in the context of health policy
  • Thomas Scanlon, Harvard University
1:30 Comment
  • Seana Schiffin, UCLA
1:45 Discussion
2:00 Responsibility, choice, equality, and health
  • Bertil Tungodden, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
  • Marc Fleurbaey, Université de Paris
3:00 — 3:30 Discussion
3:30 — 4:00 Coffee Break

(Chair: Norman Daniels, Harvard University)

4:00 Responsibility, choice, equality, and health (continued)
  • Richard Arneson, University of California, San Diego
  • John Roemer, Yale University
  • Shlomi Segall, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Harvard University
5:30 — 6:30 Discussion
Conference Reception
  • All invited (in the New Research Building Lobby)