Susannah Rose

Suzannah Rose

Suzannah L. Rose (B.A. [Philosophy and Psychology], Furman University, 1996; M.S. in Social Work, Columbia University,1998, M.S. [Bioethics], Albany Medical Center/Union College, 2006.)

Ms. Rose worked at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York City providing clinical services and conducting research for the past eight years. At MSKCC, she specialized in clinical interventions for people with gastrointestinal cancers and their family members, and was the Psychosocial Care Team Leader for the Colorectal Cancer disease management team. She served on the Ethics Committee and was the founder and chair of the Social Work Research Group at MSKCC. During her first two years at MSKCC, while working in the Behavioral Sciences Department, she coordinated an NCI-funded longitudinal study assessing tobacco use among cancer patients in order to develop hospital services and clinical care guidelines to increase rates of smoking cessation. While in the Social Work Department, she was the principal investigator of a descriptive, retrospective study assessing the relationship between domestic abuse and access to cancer treatment. Ms. Rose collaborated on other research projects within the institution. She is the primary author on a book for family and friends of people with cancer, which was translated into Spanish. Ms. Rose is a co-author of another book about colorectal cancer, translated into Arabic and published in Beirut, Lebanon. The second edition is planned for this year. She published many journal articles and chapters, including a literature review detailing the non-medical factors influencing the length of stays in ICUs. This review was accepted for publication in the American Journal of Critical Care. Another recent paper is entitled, “Reducing Family Distress and Facilitating End of Life Decision-Making,” to be published this year in The Journal of Social Work in End-of-Life & Palliative Care. She is a primary or co-author of over thirteen national and international conference presentations.