Shlomi Segall
Shlomi Segall

Shlomi Segall
Dr. Shlomi Segall was one of the three in the first group of post-doctoral fellows accepted to The Harvard University Program in Ethics & Health (PEH). Prior to joining the program, Dr. Segall taught political philosophy at the University of Oxford. While at PEH, Segall’s main research project focused on developing a responsibility-sensitive account of the just distribution of health and health care. On this project, Segall worked with Professors Dan Brock, Norman Daniels, and Daniel Wikler.

As a post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Segall attended weekly post-doc seminars, where he also presented some of his work in progress. In addition, he presented his work at the monthly ‘Work in Progress’ sessions of the Division of Medical Ethics (Harvard Medical School), and gave several lectures at the Harvard School of Public Health. Funded by PEH, Dr. Segall presented his work in progress at the following venues:

  • The International Association of Bioethics conference, Beijing, China, August 2006
  • The Association of Legal and Social Philosophy Conference, Dublin, Ireland, June 2006
  • The Society of Applied Philosophy Annual Conference, Manchester, UK, July 2006
  • The New England Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Portsmouth, NH, May 2006
  • The Eastern American Economic Association Conference, Philadelphia, February 2006

During his two-year fellowship at PEH, Dr. Segall published several of his papers in academic journals, including:

  • ‘Is Health Care (Still) Special?’ Journal of Political Philosophy, forthcoming
  • ‘How Devolution Upsets Distributive Justice’, Journal of Moral Philosophy, 4 (2), July 2007, 259-274
  • ‘In Solidarity with the Imprudent: A Defence of Luck-Egalitarianism’, Social Theory & Practice 33 (2) (2007), 177-198

It was not entirely coincidental that the annual PEH conference in Dr. Segall’s second year of fellowship focused on responsibility for health. Dr. Segall helped Professor Wikler organize the annual conference in April of 2007, where he also spoke.

Dr. Segall would like to acknowledge the support of the PEH faculty members during his job search at the end of his fellowship. His search resulted in several offers for tenure-track teaching positions. Dr. Segall recently accepted a position as assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. There he will teach, among other things, a course on the ethics of health care.

Contact information: ssegall@mscc.huji.ac.il